Bread in a Bag | Edible Science for Kids #sciencehistory
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Bread in a Bag | Edible Science for Kids #sciencehistory

Bread in a bag recipe that makes amazing homemade bread. This is a super fun Thanksgiving STEM activity for the kids to take part in. This is a bread in a bag recipe and makes a great edible science for kids!

Kick-off your Thanksgiving activities with an edible kitchen science activity for kids. What does Thanksgiving remind you of? Of course, I think of delicious goodies and a hearty Thanksgiving meal. But there's always room for a side of STEM! Between pumpkins and cranberries, physics and chemistry, this bread in a bag activity for kids is a great way to develop math, science, and even fine motor skills! Plus, it tastes amazing! MAKE BREAD IN A BAG FOR KIDS EDIBLE THANKSGIVING ACTIVITIES This season we have a different kind of menu over here. A STEMs-Giving menu filled with fun and simple


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